We Can Be Heroes 

Now, more than ever, NEF wants to remind you that there are still heroes among us creating positive change in their communities across the globe. We’d like to share with you their stories to shine a light on the positive change they are creating in areas that often seem only to be associated with misfortune and tragedy. We encourage you to click through their stories below.

Between now and December 31st NEF has set a goal to raise $200,000 in honor of the exceptional and resilient people we serve. People who often go unrecognized but whose stories are proof of how investing in people at the community-level is the most effective and sustainable way to create pathways for meaningful change.

WHO ARE NEF HEROES? Our Heroes are women who have suffered great loss, have been forced to leave their homes and start anew, and all the while have not faltered in taking on the responsibility of providing for their families. They are young people in parts of the world where prospects for their future are bleak, but yet they have found innovative ways to pave a path for themselves. They are farmers who are combating worsening and more extreme weather conditions with each year that passes yet they are persevering by working to bring investment decisions back to the local communities who are being affected.

JOIN US in honoring these everyday heroes by BECOMING AN NEF HERO YOURSELF! Between now and December 31, help us reach our goal of raising $200,000 that will go directly to supporting a new wave of NEF Heroes who with your help will be given the opportunity to build better futures for their themselves, their families, and their communities.