NEF Expands Support for Displaced Syrians and their Host Communities in Jordan and Lebanon

Mar 2, 2015


As the conflict in Syria enters its fifth year, hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost and over three million people are seeking refuge in neighboring countries. Lebanon and Jordan host more refugees per capita than any other countries in the world. The majority of Syrian refugee households are in debt and experience some level of food insecurity. Increased competition over jobs, lodging and food with hosting communities in Lebanon and Jordan has made life harder for everyone.

In January 2015, NEF started a new initiative, to provide financial literacy and group saving to Syrian women. We offer financial literacy training to help families minimize debt, manage household expenditures, and maximize savings. Savings groups encourage savings habits that help families meet daily financial needs, mitigate household emergencies, and set financial goals. In savings groups members save together, NEF matches savings based on milestones, and members take funds from those savings to invest in productive assets.



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