Near East Foundation 2020 Year-End Fundraising Campaign

A generous donor is matching the first $100,000 in donations to our year-end campaign, DOUBLING YOUR IMPACT!

2020 has brought extraordinary challenges:   A  global pandemic, economic crises, natural disastersconflict, and civic unrest leading to a dangerous rise in inequality, food insecurity, and poverty. With support from our donors, NEF has met this moment with adaptation, resilienceinnovation, and continued impact. To continue to meet the growing needs of the communities we serve, we are counting on the continued support of our generous donors.

Between now and December 31, we aim to raise $200,000 to ensure the continued support of the exceptional and resilient people we serve. This year your donation will make 2X the impact, thanks to a generous donor who is matching the first $100,000 in donations to our year-end campaign. 

Your support is more crucial than ever, to ensure that our mission perseveres during this time of great need. Your gift will send a powerful message to those most marginalized and disproportionately impacted when crisis hits — women, children, youth, people with disabilities, refugees, and the displaced — reminding them that they will not be alone in their struggle against the immense challenges this year has brought.

This includes women who have suffered great hardshipyet who have never faltered in shouldering the responsibility of providing for their families. Young people in countries where their future prospects are bleakyet have forged paths for themselves against all odds. And farmers, who work on the frontlines of climate change, droughts and extreme weather conditionsyet are persevering by working to bring tools and farming methods to their communities. As you will see by clicking on the profiles featured below, the individual stories of the people we serve prove that investing at the community level is the most effective and sustainable way to create meaningful change.

It is with your support that we will ensure that the gains we’ve together met are not lost, and that people can sustain their livelihoods, and too meet this moment with adaptation and resilience.

Click here to read tips from our CFO on 2020 tax benefits to charitable giving allowed under the CARES Act



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