Advancing Gender Equality and the Rights of Survivors of Gender-Based Violence in Armenia

Apr 18, 2015
IMG_0303Active: 2014 – Present
Donor: European Union under the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) &nbsp thumbnail
The Advancing Gender Equality and the Rights of Survivors of Gender-Based Violence in Armenia project will be implemented in Yerevan, Syunik Province, and the Lori Province to improve protection, gender equality, agency, and economic independence for women survivors of gender-based violence. The project will work with four civil society organisations to engage the public in dialogue, training around norms, safe workspaces, and protection strategies linked to economic opportunities. The total value of the project is EUR 342,711. The project is due to be completed by 20 January 2017.
Over a two-year period, the project will help 200 gender-based violence survivors gain increased employability, small business skills, and safe access to economic opportunities. Sixty women will be offered tailored vocational training with accredited certificated, 120 will receive targeted business and financial support to start their own micro-businesses, and 80 will be offered tailored employment development support. The project aims to increase confidence and self-reliance amongst survivors, so that women can make and shape the choices that affect their lives. The project will increase the capacity of four civil society organisations to analyse gender-based violence risks linked to safe economic opportunities; facilitate spaces, networks, joint actions and conversations about gender-based violence risks and gender equality; and deliver tailored economic development programmes for gender-based violence survivors.

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