For nearly 30 years, NEF has developed sustainable, community-based approaches to manage forests, fisheries, rangelands, and agricultural lands in Mali.  NEF projects alleviate poverty, reduce conflict, and build institutional capacity in a region that is vulnerable to famine, climate change, and disputes over natural resources.

Operating out of a principle office in the Douentza district, the NEF team of 40 local development professionals works to implement programs that are consistently community-based, participatory, and multi-sectoral. NEF also coordinates a national-level working group on climate adaptation and assists Mali’s government in climate policy—including participating in Mali’s official delegation to international climate negotiations.

NEF began its involvement in Mali in 1984, in response to a severe drought that left the country in socio-economic crisis. To improve agricultural resilience, NEF assisted communities in the Mopti region to establish local cereal and seed banks.  Since then, NEF has become a leader and innovator in Mali.  Combining rights-based institutional development, policy research and advocacy, and capacity building for local governments and community-based organizations, the models for sustainable natural resource management developed by NEF in rural Mali have spread across Africa.

NEF has fostered long-standing relationships of trust in Mali by proving its effectiveness with successful initiatives at multiple scales—from isolated villages, to local governments, to the national policy arena.

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