Darfur: Building Peace and Helping Economic Recovery

Timeframe: 2011-present

Donors: USAID/Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA), UNDP/Darfur Community Peace and Stability Fund

NEF is leading a pioneering effort to build peace and economic security in Darfur by improving community management of natural resources - the root cause of most conflicts in the war-torn region.  

Through this multi-year initiative, more than 8,000 people will directly benefit from NEF activities in 9 clusters of villages throughout West and Central Darfur States.

We’re engaging the full range of community members – from nomadic herders to farmers and tribal leaders – and helping them create solutions to the natural resources and land issues that impact their livelihoods. These short- and long-term solutions both foster peace and allow them to share resources in a way that benefits all residents.

In this area of extreme poverty, we are also helping people generate income from agriculture, natural resource-based income generating activities, and small businesses.

Our efforts are promoting local ownership of the peace process and helping community members take a leadership role in the key management decisions that impact their lives.

NEF is placing a special emphasis on engaging women and youth to help them overcome social and economic barriers, and play a larger role in local decision-making.

How It Works

NEF’s approach is proving successful because it can be customized to address the specific problems of a particular area.

There are three key phases:

(1) Assess the local situation and conflict(s);

(2) Develop local conventions - or rules - to govern natural resource use, and support the necessary capacity building and dialogue – including providing trainings and creating resource management councils; and

(3) Create and implement land use management plans, as well collaborative income-generating activities.


As shown in the following chart, each step of the process is matched with its related capacity building, economic development, and conflict reconciliation outcomes.


In donating to the Near East Foundation, you support education, enterprise, and community empowerment in some of the Middle East and North Africa's most impoverished areas.

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