NEF Launches Programs to Assist Syrian Refugees and Members of their Host Communities

NEF recently launched new programs with the aim of reducing negative coping strategies among vulnerable and urban Syrian refugees and their host communities by building food and economic security. Click on the ‘Help Syrian Refugees’ link to see how you can help! LEARN MORE


VIDEO: A Lasting Impact, NEF Celebrates a Century of Service

NEF premiered this brief video at our Centennial Gala to share our work over the past 100 years of building more sustainable, prosperous, and inclusive communities in the Middle East and Africa. Check it out to learn more about NEF and our work! WATCH HERE


NEF Celebrates Women’s Achievements at Grant Presentation Ceremony in Jordan

Last month, NEF and it’s local partner, the Jordanian National Forum for Women (JNFW), hosted a closing ceremony in Irbid to celebrate women’s achievements and present them with their grants. NEF has trained 91 women so far in this project. LEARN MORE


members representing 35 ethnic groups in Darfur created “Tribes for Peace in Darfur” advocating for reconciliation throughout the state

  • Restoring Lives, Restoring Mali

    For a year, Kaadi struggled to get water to his rice fields. His earthen irrigation quickly fell apart. With some training from NEF, a few donated supplies, and his own hard work, his fortunes turned for the better just as fast.

  • Refugees get a hand up – not a hand out

    Mustafa and his father escaped violence in Iraq in 2012. Since then, the struggle to survive where they can’t work allowed an old art form to flourish. NEF taught them to take their skills to the next level.

  • Financial Independence in a Close-Knit Community

    Khadija is a single mother in the West Bank who started a clothing shop to give herself financial independence. NEF and the Rangoonwala Foundation to gave her the knowledge to expand and market her skills while completely taking over operation of her business.

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